Hi, I’m Amanda

Hi, my name is Amanda, nice to meet you!

I am fiercely devoted to helping women come home to their bodies, and live a life they love!

Since my belief is that embodied spirituality is the perfect recipe for a happy women, I aim to help women find their ‘sweet spot’  through private coaching,  workshops and online courses.

Looking for real change? Want to be empowered and free?
Start living your best life now!

Professional Bio

Amanda Clarke is the founder of The Luscious Feminine and believes that every woman has the capacity to shift from fear-based thinking to living an empowered life they love. With close to 20 years’ experience in the field of healing and spirituality, she is a leading expert on self-love and feminine spirituality.  She holds a multitude of certifications in yoga, reiki, and is a graduate of the Spiritual Psychotherapy and Spiritual Director Program at TAC. Her articles have been featured in Eligible Magazine and she recently authored a mini eBook entitled “7 Steps to Surviving this Moment!”.